Marked by a DNA with about 90 years of history, and a unique, familial, rigorous and loyal culture. Born in Portugal in 2015 with the specific goal of establishing itself as a diversified group and as a leader in its areas of operation.

In 2015, it began activity in Trading, essentially exporting to European and African markets. In 2016, it began its strategy of diversifying the Group’s business.

Today, the Onis Group is a diversified one within various economic sectors, namely in Engineering and Construction, Industry, Energy, Real Estate and Trade. It relies on a consolidation strategy, embracing the values that have always guided its performance.  

Its technical staff has complete knowledge related to all areas of activity where it operates, with levels of excellence and professionalism, aligned with best practices and conduct supported by the Group’s ethics and values, creating a multidisciplinary team capable of directing procedures, producing results and ensuring high-quality standards, as well as strict deadlines from an increasingly demanding society.

Onis Group aims to position itself as a young, innovative Group that intends to diversify its areas of activity toward the future in terms of new technologies, sustainable energies, entrepreneurship and innovation.




United States of America




United States of America





Year in which Onis Group begins activity in Portugal. The first area of activity was in trade through Omatapalo Trading with a particular focus on the European and African markets, initiating in the subsequent years, the process of Group diversification.


Construction and Energy

Business diversification with a focus on the Construction sector, incorporating Omatapalo - Engineering and Construction, a sector that would become the Group's core, motivated above all by the strong know-how that exists within its structure. As today it is one of the main players in the Portugal construction sector.

It invests in the Energy sector, and with a strategic industry partnership, Enerline was incorporated.



Real Estate

Business diversification with a focus on the real estate sector, incorporating Imolimit for real estate promotion and development of the housing market.



Business diversification with a focus on the industry sector, in the acquisition of the Pemel Group, namely, Pemel Metal, Pemel Instalações and Pemel Inox.


Geotechnics and foundations

In order to strengthen its focus on the construction sector, together with a strategic partner in the sector, DrillGo was incorporated, a company with expertise in geotechnics and foundations, an expertise that complements the group’s core, creating more specialties within the sector.



With the aim of entering new markets, Mozambique emerges as an opportunity for the Construction and Energy sector.


Metallic and aluminium construction

Reinforcement in the Construction sector, with the incorporation of Wasi, a strategic partnership to invest in the specialty of metallic construction solutions and aluminium systems.



With a focus on the expansion into real estate, Gladopinion, a real estate asset management company, was incorporated.

Incorporation of Omatapalo USA for the management of renewable energy infrastructure projects.


Major international projects

Through the Portuguese construction company, strategic partnerships are created for the management of large infrastructure projects and hospitals in Angola. With Omatapalo USA, a strategic partnership is created in the Energy sector for the construction of renewable energy infrastructures in Angola.




To be a point-of-reference in the sectors where it operates and to be recognised for its quality and innovation, assuming the identity of a young, strong and irreverent group.


Pursue quality and innovation, focusing on diversification and strategic partnerships rooted in sustainability, thereby respecting communities in a responsible way.


Rigour | Ambition | Integrity | Cooperation | Innovation | Solidarity


José Domingos

CEO and Executive Director

Filipe Lopes

CFO and Executive Director

Américo Gomes

COO and Executive Director

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Channel for reporting irregularities

At Onis Group, we are concerned about maintaining relationships of trust, integrity and proximity with our customers, employees and suppliers.

The channel for reporting irregularities is a strictly confidential means of communication for reporting irregularities or observed practices that do not comply with our code of business ethics and our internal standards.

The information sent will be treated with total confidentiality and will be analysed exclusively by our ethics and compliance team.

The report must be made via the fields on the side, which will direct you to our team.

Code of ethics and conduct

Anti-corruption code